Update History with Blocks

Is it possible to use update history in combination with blocks?
Specifically I have several dwgs that are constantly being edited in autocad.
I want to use them to keep an updated massing model in Rhino.

So far I have been able to import the dwgs from autocad into rhino successfully linking the files and have lofted surfaces from the curves with record history turned on. When I edit and update the files in autocad and reload them in rhino the block themselves update but it has no effect on the surfaces generated from those curves.
When I try the SELPARENT command rhino confirms that the surfaces are children of the inserted blocks.
Is what i’m trying to do possible?

Hello - here this appears to work but the update lags. Use ’HistoryUpdate > All to give it a kick. Does that do it? I’ll see if this can be tuned up.


History Update doesn’t seem to work for me.
I should note I am on Rhino5 not 6 at the moment.

Yeah… not working in V5 here either.


Is this something that should work in 6?

Hello - my test above was with V6 - I made two blocks that include lines and lofted the lines, with History. I then edited the blocks (BlockEdit) - moved the lines - and on returning to regular Rhino, the loft did not change on its own but it did update on HistoryUpdate > All.


Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to test and respond Pascal.
Is there any chance this may be updated for 5 at a later date?

Hello - I’m afraid there is about zero chance of a fix in V5…