Block Actions Update Dilema

Hello everybody, Im currently working with a couple of blocks. This block was copied many times and different operations where performed on each block, for example a scale in different factors.

I finally wanted to extrude all these, and so went to BlockEdit, extrudecurves, and extruded to 4m.

Problem is the scaled blocks perform first the extrude and then the scale, so I have all blocks with different extrudes heights instead of all 4m.

How can I fix this rather than exploding the blocks and extruding? Is there a way to stop blocks from updating to the scale? Or performing first the scale and then the extrude?

Sample.3dm (1.6 MB)Heres the file if someone wants to look at it to understand what I mean

Thanks, Shynn

Hi Shynn - I don’t see any way around this - it’s how blocks work… when you extrude a curve in BlockEdit, you redefine the block that is being edited and the transforms on the instances are applied ‘after’.