Blocks do not support curve-piping

Hi all,

I know that curve-piping is not supported in V5, but I’m seeing this is still also the case in Serengueti.

I have a group of curves that show thickness with curve-piping. When I turn them into a block the curve-piping goes away.

This would be very useful to have. In this case I’m making brush bristles, and using blocks would be ideal to make the entire array of bristles more editable.



Thanks for the bug report! I am working on this now.


Thanks David. If I recall correctly, the same limitation applied to edge-softening and shutlining.

Can you select-all>bug>delete at once?

There is a little known test command to do this:


It’s unfortunately temporarily for reasons I can’t remember. If I recall correct the time window the command is active is so short ( think milliseconds rather than seconds) that the command never made it out if test phase.


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I wasn’t able to reproduce this bug with EdgeSoftening and Shutlining. Could you send a model which reproduces this?