High quality .stl's in Rhino WIP?

Hi guys,
Just wondering if someone could walk me through the WIP stl export settings?
They have changed from R7 and I can’t get results that I am used to.
I can export from R7 but thought it was worth asking.
Here are R7 and WIP export settings window pics side by side.
R7 settings are from a Kyle Houchens tutorial back in the olden days…

Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 10.47.17 am
WIP settings I have fiddled about with with no real progress
Any help is appreciated.
Cheers, Nick

I just went back and reset defaults and it is better but still not approaching what I can generate in R7.

did you read through this ?
and this ?

make sure to set
“Maximum distance edge to surface” to something close to your production tolerance and rougher then the document tolerance.
(don t set it to 0.001 if this is already your document tolerance)
0.01 is more then enough for most 3d-Printing.

maybe post a screenshot or sample file - and target usages of your data.
then it s easier to tell you, which artefacts can be reduced by which parameter.

kind regards -tom

Thanks Tom,
I read through the docs.
I’ve just face palmed and realised the setting fields are just moved around and I haven’t taken the time to look at it properly.
I’ll try now to see if I can get the meshes I am used to.