Export rhino file in stl for 3d printing


I need to export my rhino file in STL format for 3D printing. When the box appears with the STL mesh options I’m unsure of what these numbers should be. It’s for a homeware object at H200mm x W170mm x D170mm for scale reference if needed.

Hello - the main one to get right is the ‘Tolerance’ at the top, which corresponds to ‘Max Distance Edge to surface’ in the normal detailed controls for meshing. - make sure that number is not larger than the resolution, slice thickness, of the printer - basically you want the slice thickness to be the limiting factor on the cleanliness of the print, not the mesh itself.
The rest can be tuned up to if needed to even out the mesh.

Better, on the whole, if in doubt, to use the Mesh command, hide the surface object and inspect the mesh under FlatShade, and export the mesh directly to stl if it looks ok flat shaded.


There’s also this info on meshing:

and this video series by Kyle @theoutside -