Newbie mistake - cancel watched categories

being a newbie and I want to be more focused, I checked 4 categories in the ‘watch’ list in the User Preference. BUT, all conversations come to my mail inbox. I did uncheck and even mute these categories, emails still coming every hour and then.

any idea how I could reset my User Preference in this forum ?

watched categories :

  • Rhino for Windows
  • Hardware
  • Scripting
  • Rendering


You’ll need to set all the previous topics back to “regular” notification state.

Changing the category notifications preference only affects new topics created in those categories, not existing ones.

@sam do we have a querystring way of showing all the topics people are watching?

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Yeah we do its on meta somewhere

found it via


thanks codinghorror and sam

FIRST, I uncheck all the ‘mutes’ and I don’t want to kill a kitten :slight_smile: so I have nothing checked in the ‘watch’, ‘track’ and ‘mute’ in my preference and saved.

I assumed - I would still receive email notification on all existing threads in these 4 ‘watched categories’, until these threads are stopped. yet any new thread in these ‘watched categories’ will not be notified by mail.

before I make another mistake, may I understand that the ‘track’ is a ‘notify once’ on new threads and will not follow the rest of the conversion by notification ? I guess that is good enough for a updating purpose.

thanks and cheers