HideLayersInDetail...just what does it do?



CommandHelp says :- ‘Conceals layers in a detail view.’

It doesnt explain (to me anyway) what this does as I dont understand what a 'detail view ’ is !

I want to select an object and HIDE the objects on that objects layers, so as to easill show them again.

As opposed to turn off that objects layer which then requires me searching through loads of layers to find it, having mentally noted where it was, or jotted it down, only to lose that or forget it.


A trip to the help will explain ‘details’, after which you should be able to decide whether they are anything you want to use.

The issue which appears to be your main concern is one of Rhino’s biggest time-wasting, workflow disrupting features, or rather, lack of feature. Part of the reason they have been ignoring it (in my opinion) is that it’s kind of difficult to come up with a satisfactory way to pick something you can’t see, whose exact name and location you have forgotten.

I’m sure that any suggestions you may have for the best way to do what you wish will be given the consideration they deserve.

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What you probably would rather do is turn the layer off - if you hide all the objects on a layer. you’re going to have to find them again amongst the other hidden objects… So, would selecting an object and turning off the layer it’s on work for you?


Answering quote with a quote…

So, would selecting an object and turning off the layer it’s on work for you?

In this case I just wanted to hide that object and the others on its layer, knowing that show would immediately find it and show it again. The alternative was a notepad and something I would have to remember where it was in the masses of layers this job is forming.
It would speed things up massively to be able to select and hide all objects on the selected objects layer.

Loads of time is lost searching for layers as the layers palette doesnt indicate selected layer and show is an instant turn on.


Here is a script that will hide all the objects on the layer of the object selected…


HideAllObjsOnSelLayer.py (351 Bytes)

Many thanks.

Will all these scripts that get offered on the forum be part of V6 , can but hope ?


Do we get royalties? :smiley: