Hiding and showing layers in viewports

I’m not sure if i am using the command correctly, but the “Show Layer in Detail” doesnt do anything.

I have a viewport and in it, i have hidden alot of things but want to show a certain layer. I cant seem to select the layer to show. I have to show EVERYTHING and then hide all the unwanted items again.

Is there an easier way to do this?

There’s more subtlety to it than that.

If a LAYER is turned off, or HIDDEN, it doesn’t display anywhere.
If an object is not displaying in a Detail in a Layout because HideInDetail has been used, it is not shown in that specific Detail.
That’s when ShowInDetail is used to turn the object’s display back on in that specific Detail.

Does that make sense?

Yes thanks John.
I have the show and hide in detail but its the Show Layer in detail that also does nothing.
Is there more subtlety to that command too?

Hello… I am also confused by this command!

After typing in ‘showlayersindetail’ I am asked to select an object… but all the objects are hidden in the layer I want to show so ???

Please help!

hi @Michelle5 I recommend placing your details on a separate layer that you keep On all the time. When running the command, the object you need to select is the detail that you want the layers to be shown in.