Display Issue

Good morning all, I have a polysurface that I’m having display issues with. Whether I choose Shade or Rendered I get the Tangent Edges showing. It looks like I can see all the “wires.” When I turn off the Tangent Edges - it’s better - but as you can see in the 2nd image, I’m still seeing “wires” near the top. Any way to get rid of this?

Thank you!

Polysurface Display Issue.3dm (13.5 MB)

Hi Cosmas - I am not seeing edges here but also not getting a very smooth vibe from that roof bit… not sure if that is intended…

magenta is a section curve.


Thank you, Pascal. You’re absolutely right that it’s facetted but why would the edges of those facets read so prominently? I’m wondering why you don’t see the edges-- I’ve got my Rendered display mode on Default.

Yeah… dunno - my settings are like this:

does that match what you are using?


Here’s my Shaded mode

And here’s my Rendered mode.

And here, Pascal, is what I get when I run Pen mode. Is this what Pen mode should look like?

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