Hide Tangent Edges

I think in this case it is probably best to differentiate between edges which join different faces of a polysurface and edges that close a single surface (we’ll call that a seam). This way you can pick and choose exactly what you want to show.

I’ve created a feature request for this at


I’d call my first look at the new hide tangent edges display option super-fantastic. I had been duplicating tangent edge curves, using ChangeSpace to put them in the layout, then changing the color to the local surface shading color to hide the polysurface edge underneath. Happy to leave that kludge behind.

Nice work guys.


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The next WIP will have the ability to hide tangent seams as an additional option. I don’t have this hooked up for extrusions yet, but hopefully that will be relatively easy to do.


Steve do you mean a new option to hide tangent seams by object as opposed to globally?

No, everything is still global for a given display mode. There will be two check boxes in the display mode; one for tangent edges and one for tangent seams


Cannot see how is it possible to hide tangent edges for Artistic mode?
So far I can only control all edges.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Dmitriy - That is correct. So called “Technical” display modes don’t have the same controls as “regular” display modes. At some point in the future, all display modes will use the same display pipeline and the plan is that settings from both will be available.

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