Hiding a surface patch edge?! Quick Question Please Help :)


So quick question, I have a poly surface patch that has been filled as per the image. The patch was then joined to the main surrounding surface. However…I dont want to be able to see the outline of the patch / edge in wireframe or ghosted views. Is there a way to merge these surfaces together to show just one surface?

I have tried a ton of surface and edge functions but to no success. The patch was filled using the “Sweep 2 rail command”

Any help would be appreciated!

I also need to use the wireframe / ghosted view state so just turning to rendered mode isnt suitable!

Hmmm… Try extracting the larger surface from the main model and then extracting that smaller patch - use the Untrim command to fill the hole?


Use MergeAllFaces for flat/planar faces too.


If it changes the shape of the outer edge of the panel too, use the DupBorder command before you Untrim and then use the curves to trim the outer edges.

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Worked perfectly thank you!