Layouts: How to hide non-essential curve lines?

(Rhino 5, Windows 10)

Hello, I’m documenting this fixture with Layouts, and was wondering how to hide the lines shown circled in red. (The drawn fixture is a solid.). I would ideally like to show only the outlines of the part. I don’t need to show these join lines. Currently the detail window is set to the “Pen Viewport” display mode.


By the looks of it, MergeAllFaces should fix that.

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Maybe for this particular scenario MergeAllFaces could work, but I really miss the ability to select entities, edges, and be able to hide them just for presentational purposes.

It would be so awesome to select a few edges with ctrl+shift and RMB- hide edges. This feature would save a lot of workarounds to get clean presentations. I really miss this feature from SketchUp.

V6 allows you to toggle tangent edges in the display mode, which may help some.


Thanks Pascal, wasn’t aware of that new feature in V6. It is a nice addition. The problem with that is that_toggle tangents edges_ only works if the surfaces are joined, right?.

Would it be possible to have a global setting that hides tangent edges but without having to join or boolean the objects?

Yes! This did work! Thank you!