Hidden Line Style similar to AutoCAD's possible in Rhino?

Brand new to Rhino so apologies if the answer to this is right under my nose. My initial push into the program hasn’t been able to achieve the creation of a “hidden line” style similar to AutoCAD’s (or Revit’s) visual style.

Is this possible in Rhino?


Hello - what is that style?


Hi Pascal and thanks for getting back so quick. It would look something like this:

Maybe also with shadows and some shading eventually. But for now I’m just trying to see if I can get hidden linework to appear like this.

Hello - so, in a ‘live’ viewport, you can only get what the ‘Technical’ display modes give you (Technical, Pen, Artistic modes are based on the Technical pipeline and do ‘hidden line’ display) but you do not get to set the line type. For a 2d drawing done via Make2D (i.e. results are actual curves in the document) you can use any line types that Rhino is capable of.

Dunno if that helps…


It definitely helps! Thanks Pascal.

Hi, is it possible, or would it be possible in the future to be able to change the length/stile (dashed, dashed-dot) of the hidden lines in the visualisation (now only the thickness is available)? That would be really helpful, removing the need to do make 2d when different views may be quickly needed.

Hi -

We have that feature request on our wish list as item RH-28537.