"Technical" Visual Style Question: Anyway to change 'dotted' linetype for hidden edges?

Apologies as this is very similar to a previous question I asked (but might net a slightly different answer).

I’ve finally had time to get back into learning Rhino and loving it more and more as I get deeper into it’s internal workings. I am really struggling with the visual styles and getting exactly what I want from them (but gradually improving).

I’m wondering if there is a way to changed the ‘dotted’ linestyle used on hidden edges when using the ‘Technical’ visual style. A potential solution a user suggested last time I posted was to use the ‘make2d’ function, where I could then adjust the linestyles to any type I wish. It would be very convenient if there was an option to show hidden lines with a different style, similar to how you can adjust the lineweight for edges (cut and projected). Maybe something to look forward to in either an update or Rhino 7? Or does something exist and I am just missing it?

Technical View Style

Hello - Nope…


Hi Pascal! I recall you answered my question last time :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding to both my posts. I’ve thought of a couple solutions to make due. If adjusting that linetype were an option in the future that would really set Rhino apart regarding 3D technical drawings. The ‘make2d’ workflow is actually similar to what I’ve been doing in AutoCAD prior to moving into Rhino, so no huge adjustment or learning curve required :slight_smile:

Hi -

It’s on the wish list but won’t be happening anytime soon. I have added your vote to RH-28537.

Thanks Wim!