Hidden in detail and layout view layers does not work consistently

I often open a file only to find the doors layer that I had turned off for that layout window to be on again… or hideindetail items to be back on again. Can someone please fix this? Pleaaasseee!!!
Thank you.

Hi Peter - linked file layer visibility states are not persistent (right, @mary ?) Is that what we’ve got here?


No, not linked file. Just layer visibility states within a single file … the “detail on” column in the layers, that lets you hide certain layers for a given detail view is not persistent. Very frustrating to have to go through 20 layout sheets, each with multitude of detail views, and hide multiple layers each time this happens. And it’s not consistent. Sometimes Ill close the file and reopen it, and it remembers the that I hide that layer using “detail on”… other times, usually when I reopen the file the next day, as happened today, it forgets and resets those detail on check boxes. It’s driving me to insanity because it adds an hour of extra work in the morning when boss is waiting for print outs…and if I miss any, I look like an idiot when elements are on that were off yesterday. I pray this is resolved soon!!!

Hi PeterB,
Would it be possible for you to test the latest version of [Rhino 6 sr20 wip] for us?
There was a major bug RH-54924 fixed in this sr20 wip version related to layer states and details layer visibility.

Otherwise, if this does not fix the problem you are having with detail layer visibility, I will need a model and a procedure to duplicate the issue here. Then I can get the bug logged and a fix in the works.

Thanks for your help.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

hi Mary, I have tried the WIP a few weeks back but it was too buggy at the time for my needs. Ill give this one a shot now but I am on a tight deadline with a project so I might not be very helpful. Ill report if this issue repeats in this sr20 wip.

One thing Im noticing (and this is really getting to me now) is that whenever I print a certain layout, it appears to ignore the arctic view Ive applied and just prints lines… And then the detail window shows lines even if it’s on arctic… Im frustrated.

Now dimensions quit working. I can’t continue a dimension nor start a new one. Im forced to restart the file every few dimensions.