Hi everybody, Let me ask you how to make this surface, for knot straight lines!

Hi, I’m Vietnamese, please show me how to create a face with knot lines that match the faces!! TAU HANG.3dm (365.8 KB)

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pls pls :woozy_face: :woozy_face:

Do you mean “isocurves” when you say “knot lines”?

The file you attached does not match your illustration. The surface in yellow in your illustration is different in the file.

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Hello - I am not clear on what you want - do you want the surface to align to the lines that you have drawn or do you want the surface to match the isocurve structure of the existing surface? What are you trying to accomplish, either way, in the end?

@davidcockey will be the one to say but I do not like how your curves are hitting the bow line here - it will make it hard, I think, to make a clean finish at the bow - I’d try to keep those curves ‘fat’ and convex.


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May be you are trying to create something like this
in fact I am also interested in a loft that does something similar

  _DevLoft _pause
    -_Rebuild UPointCount=15  VPointCount=2  UDegree=1  VDegree=1  DeleteInput=Yes   _EnterEnd
    _UnrollSrf _Enterend


thanks very much! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for your help, please help me how this surface is created! I don’t know what to do

help me.3dm (1.4 MB)

I only know how to use rhino! sorry :hugs: :hugs:

it only occurs to me that you should section the curve again.
someone with more experience in the marine industry can guide you better
help me_.3dm (727.4 KB)

Thank you for your help.
You can share it for me,

  1. How to create this curve? ( —section the curve again----)
  2. How does the isocurve line between two surfaces fit together?

using the patch command to make a surface then use the “Pull” command to project curves on that surface.
simply using Loft with the StraightSections option