Isocurves I like do not

Question from the aesthetic point of view… maybe more… can someone explain to me why when I loft 3 green curves, ( not single span and not the prettiest curves, I know, this is from the early stages of form finding, nevertheless same degree and same number of control points ) yet when I loft I get surface with isocurves bunched almost on top of each other. Similar types of curves ( blue ) produce loft surface with nicely spaced isocurves. What’s behind this “anomaly” and is there a way I can fix it without building new curve either one-span or not or going through copying one curve two times and than adjusting control points to match the other two…? I hope this makes sense.
Isocurves I like do not .3dm (1.6 MB)

dear @AdamBBLee
Isocurves show the Knots of the Surfaces (isocruve Densitiy 1). As fare as i understand, they are linked to the Edit-Points of input curves.
If you loft curves with different structures, Rhino has to insert knots to get curves that match and can form one surface. Another approach is the rebuild or refit option.

As your green curves have same degree and cv-count you can use _makeUniform to give them the same structure (but slightly modify geometry) - loft will have less / other Knots afterwards.

hope that helps - kind regards - Tom

result after _makeUniform (right)
use _crvDeviation to meassure the “deformation” … arround 0.02 in this case.

Hello - Loft (and some other commands) is ‘prettiest’ when all the input curve structures match exactly. The green curves are all non-uniform (What command) and (slightly) differently non-uniform, though of the same point count and degree. You can make them all uniform as Tom points out, or Rebuild two of them using the third as a ‘Master Curve’ in the rebuild control, to get them all matching. Uniform is generally best if the shape does can be maintained.


Great. Thank you guys. Sorry to see on my end failing to notice the non-uniform bit in the curve about info… Fortunately order in universe has been restored… at least till next shot of tequila. Thanks again.