Surface issue

hi guys ,
thank you for reading this question in advance , is there a way to create a surface from the attached image with a
continual lines that connect together , as u can see the surface is created using swee2 then the next surface is created with loft but each surface have a different line segments , how can i create the same surface with the same number of lines connections ,


Hello Sheqo2500
It’s highly unlikely you will ever get the isoparms to match up. Not sure why it’s needed. They will not affect the meshing, if that’s your aim.

Does creating loft or sweep2 using the other’s surface edge help?
So not using the curves for the second surface?

Thanks guys , ive solved it using extractisocurve from the 2 surfaces and match the curves i extract then join the points and loft the full shape and it worked

Tone , why i need it , am exporting the gemotry to unreal engine so closed edges is really important before offseting the surfaces and welding the vertics which produces a complicated shape , u have to creat a clean and controllable shape for clean results


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