Sweep2 Surface Continuity

I’m new to Rhino.

sweep2_problem.3dm (136.1 KB)

I use sweep2 between a dup edge I closed and another curve.

The piece that gets created looks good in terms of its geometry (to me ?)

This is what the ray tracer spits out

Analyzing the surface with zebra gives me this

MatchSrf doesn’t seem to work in this instance.

I’m not sure why the ray trace / renderer would do this. What is the relationship between surface continuity and what I am seeing ? Are the normals calculated wrong ?

How would you do this ?

I would try to make a sweep like this and cut it later:


Thanks, that is an option. I would still like to know why I cannot get my approach working.

Hello - Diego’s approach is by far the simpler and better way out - the sweep does not know about the neighboring surfaces. I might go one step simpler even - make the end profile, extrude it then add the edge transitions as fillets afterwards.



Thanks, I guess that settles it.