Sweep, Loft or Network Srf? Help:)

What is the best way to make a surface that conforms to these two curves? Sweep, loft and network srf failed for me: Frame.3dm (29.0 KB)

Hello - split the larger curve into 2 at the extremities, then Sweep2, with the Point option at each end.



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Thank you Pascal:)
Is it possible to pull a clean poly mesh from this? This is the best i can do:

Note: i had to run the sweep2 command twice, once in each direction.

you should be able to sweep that in one go. i noticed that you had your quadrants not in the exact cplane axis. nevertheless if you choose point at one side then the profile curve then a point on the other side it sweeps in one piece. meshing also produces an uninterrupted result.

Thank you! I got it to work on both fronts. I appreciate it!!