Hexagonal cells only work on curved surfaces?

Hello why in this example is it not possible to apply a hexagonal grid to a surface with straight edges? I have tried two methods and neither work.

Hexagonal grids.gh (54.7 KB)

Hi @k1624016,

Well it works, but on the untrimmed version of your surface! LunchBox components usually only work on untrimmed surfaces. You have to come up with a cleverer way to achieve your goal here.

Here’s one approach that should work with your surface:

However, one drawback is that not all cells remain hexagonal.

So how would you go about getting a similar result to what you get on a untrimmed surfaces? I’m trying to achieve all hexagons.

I don’t know if that’s possible, since the LunchBox component also needs a rectangular surface to work. Yours has a pentagonal shape. It may thus only be possible to approximate the surface, but you are going to lose the exact surface boundary.

More hexagonal cells will give you a better approximation of the surface boundary. You can approximate the surface with only cells that are strictly inside the surface boundary or both, inside and intersecting cells.

Hexagonal grids 02.gh (21.1 KB)