Hexagonal Cells on Enclosed surface

Hi all, I’m trying to make this old definition work. I’ve upgraded components but still no luck.

The definition should map hexagonal cells on surface but not sure which parts are failing as I’m not getting any errors.


is it better to start from scratch using the lunchbox? I’m trying to achive this.hexagon

Untitled.3dm (175.3 KB) HexagonCells_on_enclosed_Surface.ghx (807.1 KB)


Check this


Hi thank you but it didnt work

One of easier way is using plugin features like Lunchbox, Ngon, Weaverbird.
This one is using Ngon+WB.

HexaGridPattern_re.gh (12.1 KB)


It seems your display mode is “Wireframe”. Try to change it to another one.(Shaded or whatever…)
And the result would be a mesh. Are you familiar with mesh?

That’s no big deal, but life would be a lot easier if you could be able to work with mesh…

HexaGridPattern_reV3.gh (22.7 KB)

I should learn to work with mesh. just got too comfortable with surface… Thanks HS.


I have another question… I’m trying to add surfaces to all openings.

It worked on a flat surface but didn’t for curved… please see images.


It is because they are not flat. If you do not care about flatness, just use component from NGon called FromPolylines.

Or it is just tolerance issue.

Normally if you just cut pyramids with plane you will have a flat cut. But if those extrusions are not pyramids then they are not planar. The planarity is lost when polygon scaled.

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For instance:

Stellate.gh (19.0 KB)

Stellate2.gh (18.0 KB)

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Hi @Petras1 Thanks for the explanation and the definitions.

You need to replace ngonscore.dll to one that is on your machine