Overlapping hexagonal grid

Hi again.

Maybe someone with greater wisdom could have a look at this. … and has a good idea how to solve my problem. I am trying to get a hexagonal grid over a surface. Later I want to use that grid as a base for a tessellating structure, so I try to keep the lines of each cell in separate lists.
What I don’t achieve is that the hex-cells at the edges of the surface don’t get split in half or quarter shapes. I’d like to get them to overlap as a hexagonal cell just like the interior ones.

Any idea is appreciated. Cheers

hex_grid test7.gh (22.3 KB)

Can you make the hex grid on a larger surface and then trim back using the resulting cell lines? Your trim border wouldn’t be rectangular at that point but you’d have whole hexagons.

Hi Brian.

I thought about that actually. With this approach I can’t
change the number of hexagons in the surface afterwards anymore. (The
size of the hexagon dictates how far I have to extend the surface)

But you are right. If there was a way I could extend the surface in all four directions at the same time depending on the number of hexagons it would work fine.

I used twice the extend-surface-component from Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari to get the centerpoints of the hex-cells beeing right on top of the surface edges. But only by eye. Not very elegant but it does the job.

Thanks again.