Hexagon Truchet tiles part 2

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I recently posted about making exagon truchet tiles and have a follow up question for you all. I’m trying to wrap the tiles around a cylindrical surface, as shown in the attached files. But it only works some of the times. I’m using Solid Intersection to trim the hexagonal tile pattern into a rectilinear box for surface morphing, but sometimes the Solid Intersection just leaves out some of the tiles? (see screen shots) Is there a way around this? It’s odd because if I change the number/scale of the tiles if will sometimes work sometimes not.

Related question, is surface morph or flow along surface better for this type of work? (edit: or something else? Splop? Smorph?)


Truchet tiles_2023Apr17b.gh (41.3 KB)

Truchet tiles_2023Apr17b Edited V0.gh (73.2 KB)
The original tiles have mismatched edges. I guess that is why Solid Union failed.
So I rebuilt the tile. Not perfect, but it solved the mismatch and the tiles can be glued together.

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It has a kinky(?) surface. Don’t have time to solve this. Hope anybody finds a solution.


I’ve realized that trimming the tessellation and wrapping it is not the best solution because the tile pattern leaves a noticeable seem. Is there a way to surface_box / box_morph a hexagonal grid rather than a rectilinear one?

Show your gh.

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