Hexagon Pattern with Chevrons

Hello All you lovely GH ninjas

Im trying to think of the most efficent way to make this patten (pic attached)

Its a simple case of scaled hexes with attractors but the edges sink down to make either two or three shapped Chevrons. The latter part is the probelm i cant quite get my head around.

Any ideas would be massively helpful.

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I’d start with two meshes and create two linear arrays.

chevron_pattern.gh (34.5 KB)

Nice one Martin, this was also my first approach.
But notice how sometimes there’s three two and even one connection all with random rotation.
Then arrays are limited.

not sure what you are talking about?

Looks like a maze, or maybe a tile with a opening?

It could be that arbitrary (or non-arbitrary) sets of 1, 2, 3, 4…? of adjacent hexagonal cells are getting merged but gives the illusion of rotating because this adjacency happens at different angles? The circles in the center(s) do have some kind of visual texture effect that looks like rotating :rofl:


I feel like I’ve seen a grasshopper example of this already somewhere. I don’t remember how to search for it now.

And it reminds me of this lengthy/gracious discussion:

Which will link you to this one.

Had some time over Christmas so jumped back in and completed the set of code.

Used a mixture of for loops partitioning and randomness, then graph distance on the outside of the hex.

If anyone is interested in the code I can clean it and post.

Thanks for all your help and ideas for approaches.

If you don’t mind I’ll have a look, not beginner friendly I guess