Hexagon pattern not working on surface


Does anyone know why when I apply patch command on isocurves to create a surface from metaballs, I can’t then apply hexagon pattern on the same surface?

See in the photo how much the hexagons got stretched beyond the actual surface.

Thank you.

Because patches are trimmed.

My end goal is to apply the hexagon pattern only on the trimmed surface. That’s why the patches are trimmed. However, when I apply the hexagon pattern it’s using the untrimmed surface.

Not sure what am I doing wrong. I am sending the file here.

Thank you.

Form2.gh (16.0 KB)

This could be one way and check the linked topic to understand the trimmed surface subdivision problem.

Form2_re.gh (24.3 KB)


Thank you! This helped a lot. I was also planning to make the hexagons as similar as possible in size, however the only thing on my mind is mobius transformation from Kangaroo, but that is in 3d. Do you have any suggestion?

This was huge help!