Patch between hexagons and points

Hi, I am trying to make a 3d pattern with a hexagonal grid and points. Somehow it is not working. Anybody has any clue?

Thanks for your|attachment (20.0 KB) hexagonos_new.3dm (3.2 MB) Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 9.18.45 PM

Hi, could you sketch or build a single cell in Rhino to let us know how the cells should look alike? I’m pretty sure, applying the patch command is not going to work they way you expect it to be…

Hi Tom,

I finally made the patches, but I still can´t control de direction of the normals, and also I don´t know how to close the (15.0 KB) hexagonos_new.3dm (13.5 MB)

If it’s alright, I would rather use mesh method instead of Patch.
Have a look at the attached if you want… (34.9 KB)

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thank you Kim! the problem is that lunchbox doesn´t run in mac :frowning:



Its not exactly how you want it to be, but have a look at what I did yesterday: It gives you an idea on how to approach problems like this. Never use patch if there is not reason to do so:

In addition to this. Many patterns, also this one, can be build in 2d first and then morphing it using _FlowAlongSurface command in Rhino or the SurfaceToSurfaceMorph in Grasshopper. It usually gets really challenging if you have more then 1 base surface, direction specific surfaces or multiple borders to match. But this seems not the case for you.