Hexagon facade

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Hi Community,

as i am new to grasshopper, I would like to ask you a question about a hexagonal grid. I have created the file you can see attached, a hexagonal grid which is going to be a facade to a building. My question is how can I extrude it in a “wavy” way from the outer side. The inner side (from the side of building) has to be flat as it is now, but from the side of road I would like to “play” with it making a wavy surface.The whole structure will have 10 to 15 cm thickness. Find attached dwg and gh files

Do you have any thoughts on that?

Thank you in advance!

curvy_surface.gh (15.6 KB)
well, thats not what you are looking for, but I think this could push you forward a little bit

Thank you very much for your prompt reply! It’s close to what I am thinking of. Basically I would like to “fill” the gap between the flat and the curvy surface with the hecagonal grid!

Another version, looks better in my opinion
curvy_surface2.gh (16.4 KB)

oh, if thats the case, maybe thats it
curvy_surface3.gh (15.5 KB)

Check this as well.

curvy_surface_re.gh (13.0 KB)

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Thank you very much!!You are brilliant! this is what I was thinking. I am trying now to fit it in the face of my building which is 15m wide by 22,50m tall. I am thinking of three basic parametes: 1. thickness of the facade (10cm in the narrowest to 25cm in the thickest areas, 2. X and Y dimensions of the whole grid to be ajusted to these of the building and the size of the hexagon in the grid. Could these be adjustable?

yes:) but you need to say more specifically what you want

Thanks Dfytz1! The thickness of the facade to be between 10cm in the narrowest and 25cm in the thickest areas and secondly X and Y dimensions (15m and 22,5m respectively). I think each hexagon could be around 25cm wide?

well, you can choose the radius of each hexagon, and then manually set the amount of columns and rows.
here you go:
curvy_surface3.gh (14.1 KB)
but with these proportions it doesnt look so cool anymore