HexaCells refusing to close on SubD Surface

Hello guys, I am having a bit of problems here with this script and I know I could just use the pipe command to extract the cells but I don’t want a rounded look on my surface and I am trying to get the panel itself extruded… I called my design professor and he suggested I just use pipe, but because I have to use deconstructbrep in order to convert from brep to surface (correct me if I’m wrong), all the individual edges are being selected and it’s messing up the hexagon pattern and crashes rhino… if anyone can help as I’m still learning, that would be great. Thankyou!

HexSurface.3dm (50.9 KB) ParametricHex.gh (18.4 KB)

Is this what you are after?

The green cell is one selected closed cell

There are also open cells (extruded polyline)

ParametricHex_ME.gh (20.5 KB)


Hello Mark, this is OP/J Bonamy, I’m on my mobile account, so sorry if there is any confusion. What you posted looks a little bit better than my original script, but this is what I mean, well, trying to achieve… the first picture is a screenshot from another part of my model where you can see each hexagon and the edges are piped, the second image the same hexcell pattern, but just extruded. Whenever I try placing the pattern on my surface, it’s not recognizing it as one big surface, it’s picking up many individual surfaces (if that makes any sense) and the cells don’t line up and create an odd diamond shape, and there is an attractor point in the script aswell that controls the size of hexagons aswell. Sorry for the screenshots aswell, when I get a chance to get back to my laptop I can take better photos so it’s more understandable of how the hexagon cells are messed up on my surfaces, and if I mess with the U and V values on the Hexacell Block, the pattern gets denser right, but everything is completely misaligned. Thanks for your help so far, Mark.

Hello Mark,

I just opened my script and realized it was the T-parameter that was causing the odd shapes and not allowing the hexagons to connect, thanks for the help tho!

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