Hex Cells from Mesh: Problem in defining polysurface

Hi to everyone,

I got a mesh that I have to convert to a a surface.
First I tried to convert the mesh into different surfaces and then I joined together, but the command surface doesn’t recognize polysurfaces, as in this example.

from mesh to surface for panelization.gh (67.8 KB)

So I tried in another way, now I have a single surface that I can feed to the surface command but still I am not able to define properly my hex grid on it.

helmet surface.gh (71.3 KB)

Can you help me? Any suggestions is appreciated, thanks


Have a try TriRemesh

from mesh to surface for panelization_re.gh (70.4 KB)


Thank you very much Kim, I wanted to try with Triremesh too…and If I want to use the Hexagonal Cells command, how can I avoid to consider the lower part?

I am still struggling in trying to obtain hexagons on my surface. I want to convert my mesh to a surface (I did it but maybe not in the best way), then create hexagons on it, offset the surface and extrude the hexagons with the ruled surface command.
Do you know how to do this? Because with the surface I created from the mesh I can’t. Or even offset the mesh and extrude the hexagons if possible.

Thank you!!

helmet surface Hexagons.gh (72.2 KB)


from mesh to surface for panelization_reV2.gh (72.4 KB)


You can also do this without any plugins:

from mesh to surface for panelization_reV2b.gh (70.7 KB)


Amazing, thank you. How would you give a thickness to the resulting structure? In the plane with triremesh I use multipipe but with the extruded hexagons I don’t know. I tried to offset the curves on top and bottom but with bad results…

Here’s one way:
hex_edge_thicken.gh (72.2 KB)