Heron 0.4 Get Rest OSM Server Connection Error

Hi, @Brian_Washburn, I’ve encountered what seems to be a bug with the Get REST OSM node for Heron 0.4

The Get REST OSM Node is unable to connect with the appropriate server until the API source is cycled on the node. See GIF for demonstration.
Heron Get REST OSM Bug

Any thoughts or advice? I’ve tried enabling/disabling the node, cycling the Run toggle, running multiple Get REST OSM nodes simultaneously. The only solution I’ve found is cycling the source.

Love the plugin!

Hi @steve.danilowicz ,
Glad you like the plug-in! This is definitely a bug. I’ll jump on it in a couple of weeks when I’m able to focus on it.


Thanks again for this amazing plugin.

I also am having the same experience with the REST OSM component.


Hi @steve.danilowicz and @jdelavaulx
I’m having trouble reproducing this error. Can you post or send me your GH file?

Note, while looking into this, I found the endpoints lz4.overpass-api.de and z.overpass-api.de I had been using for Overpass API 1 and Overpass API 2 have been deprecated and replaced with overpass-api.de. I have made the change to the HeronServiceEndpoints in the GitHub repo to reflect this. To see the change in Heron, simply create a new OSMRest node, there will be an updated endpoint list in the “Pick OSM vector service” menu.



Hi Brian,

I just opened the file, and somehow the service seems to be working again… I didn’t make any changes since last time.

Again, thanks for your dedication to this plugin <3


Sure thing, attached is the file that I’ve been working with:
Site Importer Grasshopper.gh (94.4 KB)

I’ll pull the changes from Git and see if that helps with the issue. Thanks again for the help!

Comparing @jdelavaulx’s script, @Brian_Washburn’s and my own, I had the lat/long coords plugged into the Search Term section. Once I removed this node connection, the Get REST OSM node worked with no issues… How about that for a PICNIC problem?

Thanks for the attention to the issue. Hopefully this helps someone else out in the future!