Help with wave model

I’m trying to model a wave similiar to the one below but with cleaner lines. I have replicated the shape of the lip of the wave but am having trouble creating the back of the wave and making it into something with depth (what I have now looks like a rolled piece of paper). Any tips for how to approach the problem, I have tried creating a curve network and using the boolean commands but both have led to sloppy looking results. Thanks in advance!

wave 2.3dm (107.5 KB)

I tried with blendsrf command but I am having trouble with that corner transition

wave 4.3dm (156.4 KB)

Maybe you should use the loft command it’s simple process…

wave.3dm (729.4 KB)

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what loft settings do you use? I get pretty ugly results

Loft settings are default but you must activate Record History then you loft it. After loft you can activate the points on lines and move the points to get desired shape.

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