Surfboard model

I need help with a surfboard model I’m working on. I created the model in another surfboard shaping program and exported it as a step. The other program kind of sucks so I figured I could create a rough shape and export it, extract the curves and edit them to my specifications and then create a new surface from the curve network. I’ve been unsuccessful in all attempts so far, any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Attached is the file.surfboard.3dm (324.1 KB)

Hello - so… what is it that is wrong with what you’ve got so far? What’s unsuccessful?


i assume you imported a step file into rhino and extracted the curves and dont know how to get those into a surface in rhino?

if so, since you already have all the curves all you have to do is to explode the rest of the profile curves i believe i found one or 2 which where joined. then use network surface on the upper part, like the geometry you have imported which you can explode into 2 surfaces. maybe there is a better way but this will bring you there for now.

so best you hide the lower part away like on the image then select all the remaining curves and call up NetworkSrf and play with the settings till its simple as you need. for the lower part you only need the 2 outer curves i believe in case you dont have any fancy finning intended EdgeSrf or Loft would do then join both surfaces together.


Thanks, I swear I tried that a million times! but I always received an error message when running networksrf. Maybe I forgot to explode one of the profile curves. Any way it is working well now, thanks for the help!

Dear, could you let me know the software that you used to start the surfboard shape?
tks in advance

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Affonso Orciuoli