How to loft complex curved lines

wave_Oct.23.pdf (117.7 KB)

Hi guys,

could any one help me out with lofting these curves (top wave and the bottom flat curve) and unroll?
Ultimately I need to prepare a cut file for these wave panel and calculate the square footage, but when I tried to loft, the complex wavy parts get all twisted and the unroll command doesn’t work properly.

Hello - a better way to approach to this would be to make a curved but simple and rectangular surface the shape you want and trim with the curves you have there. If you have that surface it should be possible to map the curves onto it and trim.

@jieunleedesign - V5: ComplexEdge.3dm (79.1 KB)


Hi Pascal,

Thanks so much for prompt answer! Actually my rhino version is 5 - and I can’t view the file you uploaded. Could you please back save it to Rhino 5 for me? Thanks!!!