GeForce 970, any known issues?

Hi guys,
are there any known issues with, or custom settings needed for GeForce 970 to run properly with Rhino?

I just ordered a GeForce 970, MSI 4GB version for a machine that has been upgraded to Windows 10.


I’ve had the 970 since February and it’s been perfect. I had an overclocked version initially but there was a lot of coil whine, it was swapped for the MSI 4GB and I haven’t looked back!

Driver version 353.30

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It’s working fine for me - never noticed any glitches compared to my previous Quadro card. GPGPU calculations are really fast as well. Then again, I’m mostly on the RhinoCommon/Grasshopper/robot side of things, so it’s possible that I missed something that “hardcore modellers” would notice. No coil whine in Rhino for me (using a Gigabyte 4GB, I believe).
Best, Johannes

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Thanks for the replies guys!

Holo, are you keeping the 870’s?

Hi jody, currently I have a Quadro 4000 in that machine.
And as far as I know the 870 is only a laptop card, so I presume you mean the 780?
Anyway if I had a 780 I would have kept it as the 970 is only about 10% faster.

Will the 970 fit in your case? I have a machine with a Quadro 4000 as well in which I wanted to change out the card, and apparently the 970/980’s will not fit, they’re one inch (25mm) longer… --Mitch

Hi Holo, I’ve got the 970, no issues. I don’t do much in the way of rendering, fwiw. Some people have indeed reported issues with the 970 here within this forum, I believe.

You can check my recent build PC’s specs in your holomark thread.

Yes, no problem, custom built machine with huge cabinet, but it was a huge card!

And thanks for your feedback @Jackpine I have had a sudden death but not in Rhino…
That was in Assassins Creed Unity… I just HAD to try a game that is 40 GB when installed :smile:

Hi all, i test Rhino vs Catia in terms of graphic processing power. With the same heavy model (2xeons/quadro 4000/ssd on pci…etc), i must say that there is a huge graphic engine problem with Rhino, is clear like night and day that Rhino unfortunately cannot handle very heavy model just because of open gl graphics engine(?) (wire frame works very well in Rhino…and Catia allows duplicate the model a lot until slows down)… even the translator software works great…but for some reason Rhino is quite slow… Regarding graphic card is clear that you must orient more to processor power…i guess…

Hi Clixyz,
You are right that Rhino needs to have some faster display modes and I really hope they have time to focus on it for V6.

I made a simplified displaymode (ala Rhino 4) that does not use advanced lighting nor shadows and is faster on large models. You can install it by saving it to disk and then go to “Rhino Options” - “View” - “Display Modes” and then clicking “Install” (and then navigate to the file)

It is not a solution, but it might helps a bit.

HM2_RenderSpeed.ini (10.8 KB)

(It’s part of HoloMark to test the system)


Thanks a lot Holo!, so nice of you, i’l give it a try and test as soon as possible !

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