Please Help Choosing VIDEO CARD for RHINO 3D v5

So i curently have this setup:

  1. X7DVL-E Supermicro Motherboard (LGA771 socket) fsb 1333
  2. Dual Xeon X5450 processor at 3GHz. A total of 8 cores.
  3. 24GB DDR2 667Mhz FBDIMM EEC (6x 4GB Hinyx)
  4. Zalman ZM700-LX PSU 700W 85% efficiency
  5. GTS 450 Nvidia.

I want to change the Video CARD! I want to buy either a GTX 960 4GB, GTX 970, Radeon R9 280x, Radeon R9 290x or QUADRO K2200.

What should i choose to have the most FPS in viewport? I dont realy want to render with GPU!

I have to mention that for Video CARD i have only an X8 PCI-e slot running at GEN 1.1.

please help!

Forget the Radeons. AMD screwed up the video drivers back in December 2013 and won’t fix them for OpenGL. The Radeon driver group is all about DirectX and has refused to even consider fixing them.

Thanks John! i think i will choose either 960 GTX or 970 GTX. On my PC where i can only have 9.000 points for CPU (in Holomark 2 benchmarks) those graphic cards should perform 90% the same because of my CPU bottleneck.

Ofcorse… THIS IS ONLY IN RHINO. If i open Maya 3D or 3ds Max my CPU won’t bottleneck nothing.

To be fair, nVidia appears to be intentionally slowing down the OpenGL performance on the GeForce cards too, but they still work pretty well.
The AMD FirePro and nVidia Quadro cards are intended for OpenGL. They have issues too. The AMD drivers don’t do good antialiasing. nVidia is much better. Quadros are super expensive and they don’t seem to be doing a very good job of supporting the old OpenGL specification Rhino uses.
V6 is getting attention to make use of higher OpenGL specification calls if the driver reports supporting a newer spec. I’m more into reliable so I’m happy with an nVidia GeForce GT 750M. Not supper fast but no problems. I don’t even think about it.

Just saying, in Rhino only the viewport from Holomark 2 named “RenderSpeed” utilizes 100% the GPU, where the Shaded mode utilize ~80% GPU. The wireframe, xray viewport in Rhino goes 80% to CPU etc.
In 3DSmax i saw that only CLAY viewport is running 90% on CPU! the other viewports are running with the GPU at 100%. I can create massive scenes with my current Workstation! and have may FPS in viewport. I cannot compare 3dsMax viewport with Rhino Viewport.

If Rhino V6 will be greatly enhanced at OpenGL, i dont even need to change my graphics card.
Software, software, software!

PS: when i say 90% CPU i mean 90% of 1 Core

i bought a wrong computer! graphics card is radeon. i dont have money to buy a new one. can you suggest what should i do to make it run on rhino 5? sad

take out you GPU… Sell it to a KID GAMER… And buy an GTX Nvidia like 770,870,970, (medium-high end cards) . They are the best for what they cost.

If you have some new medium-high laptop or even a desktop you will found relative easy to change it. An buy a good Thermal Past like Arctic Silver MX-4 to it.

Or you always could buy a good but used PRO CARD like QUADRO K2100 or K2200 (they are not so expensive, and they get great results like it show on HOLOMARK SCORES.

Can you please tell us the whole PC CONFIGURATION?


I have a dual Xeon X5450 at 3GHz each. I have a GTS 450 installed in a PCIE X8 slot. I get 1400 passmark point. On the Passmark site the GTS has 1500 points. So i have - 100 points because of PCIE x8 + low score of my CPU at SINGLE CORE!

I managed to buy a GTX 960 MSI 4GB, and i run some passmark tests. I GOT 3700 ~ 4000 points. On the site GTX 960 has 6000 passmark points. So i get a ~60% of Videocard performance. I run tests with GTX 960 and X5450 inside Rhinoceros (Holomark 2) and i GOT THE SAME RESULTS AS GTS 450! THE SAME!!

So if you want to have a smooth viewport perfromance buy a 4790k or better, and buy a GTX 960/970/980 etc (versions with more Vram = better in rhino for texturing and rendering using Octane).

PS: I have no problem whatsoever in games with GTX 960 + X5450 dual. I run games flawlessly! But inside Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion 5, Revit i cant use GTX 960. So i returned the videocard.

Hope those info will help!

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