Help with Surfacing

Hi everyone,

First time poster, but I’ve been using Rhino for about a couple years. I can’t seem to figure out this problem I’m having with surfacing.

I’m trying to get a smooth “pillow-top” like surface (No flat top) to cap off the end of this filleted box. Kinda like the top of a macbook but with more fullness. I can’t seem to get build it smooth. I keep getting these bumps that look like X’s (check out the screenshot and the build file).

Can anybody help?

I’ve followed this tutorial but it doesn’t seem to work for my application:


AlternateBody.3dm (4.8 MB)

How about this technique?

You can also use railrevolve and cap middle surface.

Thanks for your suggestion! I hadn’t thought of that one before.

But, I tried that technique and it’s still making those weird X’s in the surfacing.

You could also construct such forms using this typical solution Soft box with draft angle.3dm (448.5 KB) wich gives you far more control over the cut-off radius lookalike along the open edges, or a draft angle (like in this quick example).

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And this is my solution for this object:


Ah that’s it! What were the steps for building that?