Help with Network Surface (45.6 KB)

Hello All,
I’m relatively new to Grasshopper. As away of getting up to speed I’ve been going through some of the exersices I use in a Rhino class I teach. Most of it is making sense and coming together, however, I’m struggling with creating a Network Surface from a series of curves for this signet ring. I’ve attempted a couple of versions and things have got closer and cleaner but I’m still getting a null return from the Network Surface command and not sure why. Is Network Surface the best command to use or should I be using something else? Any help or suggestions would be great and helpful.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve attached my code as well as the desired result.

For me it worked just fine. Maybe you didn’t flatten input or connected them in the wrong order? (40.1 KB)

Hi Lukasz,
Thank you for the help. It was the order! I think thought I had tried every combination. Can I ask, what dictates the order or what criteria would I use in the future determine the order? Could you recommend somewhere I could get a better understanding of this particular topic?

Thanks again. Now I can stop beating my head against the wall.


I’m glad it worked

Grasshopper doesn’t have auto sorting like Rhino commands (using Rhino you can just select curves and the magic happens)
In grasshopper you need to be very very specific.
What dictates the order is UV direction.
F1: network surface is a good example in terms of direction.

I hope this helps