Selecting Curves in U and V direction for Network Surface Command

Can anyone help me with generating network curves in Grasshopper. I have got this far with my grasshopper script and I can’t seem to find a way to select the curves in the U direction and those in the V direction from my list of curves, so that I can create a network surface.

I have attached the grasshopper file and a screenshot showing how I would like it to look in Rhino…

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!108_Distorted (20.2 KB)

Still working out around Jupiter eh? This is definitely a bespoke solution and probably has zero general applicability:

The curves were sorted first by their dot product with an x vector. Below a threshold, they were assigned to u and above to v. Then the two sets were joined (necessary??) and the results sorted again according to y and x values respectively because they were out of order. Then they were plugged into NetSrf. I’ll just add, Network Surface in Rhino does seem to be “smarter” for some reason.

108_Distorted (28.6 KB)