Help with naked edges, please


I taught myself Rhino a couple of weeks ago for a university project.

Now I am almost finished but I cant solve one problem with naked edges…
My object is a small glass container. I shelled it and out came a not solid object. (maybe thats the problem to begin with). The bottom part inside wasnt closed so I deleted the broken part inside, drew some new curves and wanted to do a Sweep2 to close the edges.
But this one part just doesn’t close and I really don’t know what to do.
I would be really really happy if someone could help me.

Thank you :slight_smile: !

Glass_Model_Rounded.3dm (2.8 MB)

I tried removing the curved surface between the naked edge and the middle round surface and then made a new surface using BlendSrf (Continuity) with no naked edges after joining it all together.

(It seems it has the right curvature, but only you know if that follows the outer surface closely enough).

// Rolf

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Wow thank you so so so much !

I am just trying it now and did you explode it first ?
Because the problem is that when I explode the object to delete the curved surface, than the edge at the bottom of where the curved surface was is split into many small curves…

I held down CTRL-SHIFT and selected the individual surface while it was joined into the solid, and then I just deleted it. That’s all. :slight_smile:

Edit: If BlendSrf doesn’t close the solid after that, try increase tolerance to 0.0001 (from 0.001, which I did from start (I forgot to mention that, but BlendSrf may work fine anyway)

// Rolf

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it worked ! wow! after hours of trying :smiley: thanks for the simple solution.