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I’m relatively new to Rhino and only trialling the software at the moment. I’m having some issues with a loft I’m trying to create, the top surface which I’m attempting to loft from is currently split into two halves and I can’t seem to join these two curves together in order to create the tangency at the top surfaces.

The bottom surfaces seem to be joined fine and will loft as usual.

loft.3dm (411.9 KB)


You didn’t provide the curves you used for the top and bottom of the bottle so I can only assume your curves weren’t joined.

If you really want to loft the entire bottle or just the top end of the bottle, the edges would need to be joined before lofting.

However, the result is better if you revolve a section of the top end and the bottom. The middle section can be lofted and joined to the rest and capped if necessary.

revolve_loft.3dm (1.2 MB)

If your goal is to shell the bottle, I’d suggest offsetting the curves and create the inside of the bottle the same way as the outside instead of using the Shell command.


Hi @martinsiegrist,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I’ve done as you suggested and revolved the curves and the loft has worked perfectly.

Just for reference, I’d revolved the previous surfaces in Inventor and just exported this as a step file to Rhino, would this have caused the issues with the curves splitting?

Many thanks,

The correct command to create the geometry you’re showing is “revolution”, look it up.
It’ll make things faster and easier.

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Thanks @farouk.serragedine, I’ve managed to sort this out now. I’ll do it this way from now on :slight_smile:

In case that you want to create a bottle with a round top and an elliptical body, here is a quick tutorial showing the simple steps needed to achieve that with a single revolved surface:

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