Lofting Help

I have a wire frame of a barge (boat) and i am trying to loft it to see what it will look like as a 3d shape. Except every time I try to loft it something weird happens. I am extremely new to rhino so I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Barge.3dm (28.6 KB)

Without seeing your data. Loft ideally requires curves with same or at least similar properties. You may walk through the Rhino manuals and test a bit how each functionality works. Play around with loft and see where limitations are. Clean input yields clean output.

You should be able to get something like this from your contours:

Loft one half only and mirror along the centreline.

At one end (don’t know which is bow or stern) the centreline has a sharp bend beyond the transverse contour - make the contour coincide with the corner, maybe by shearing the contour. Then loft the four inner transverse contours - don’t include the ends. If you get a twist in the surface, undo the loft, analyse the direction of the four transverse contours and flip any that don’t match the majority, then reloft. Create the bow and stern section surfaces from edge curves (_edgesrf).

If you don’t like aspects (e.g. the four corners) then you will need to provide more information in those areas before creating your surfaces.

Hope that helps a little.

I appreciate the help, I will try your suggestions later today :+1: