Help with Landkit Free Paving Script

Would greatly appreciate help getting the Landkit Free paving to work. I have attached images of the unedited full script and and a zoom in of the components.

Help soon would be very appreciated !!
Free_Paving_Workflow.3dm (62.0 KB) (58.1 KB)

Hey Alexfrancheville!

Land Kit recently had a version upgrade and if you are using that version then you may be running into a compatibility issue with the old unpaid/free workflows and the new version. The Land Kit team has updated these workflows with the full version of Land Kit, but not for the old free workflows. The nice part is that you can always modify these yourself!

That circled section in your first image is where the problem was. The Create Paving Area component has been updated to a universal Create Area component in the newest version, so the old component was producing an error. I modified the workflow files you attached for your use so enjoy!

Free_Paving_Workflow.3dm (62.0 KB) (76.6 KB)

there is still an error in the script while using rhino , what’s the solution?


Do you mind adding the Rhino and Grasshopper files you are using to the post so I can check them out? It helps us determine if its a usability issue or an under-the-hood bug. (59.1 KB)
Free_Paving_Workflow.3dm (62.0 KB)

Hi Yousef,

I went ahead and tested the files you linked and opened them to find they were working fine. It makes me think there is something else going on, possible with the version you are using of Land Kit or Rhino. What version of Land Kit are you using?

The other way I could help solve this is over the Office Hours. Today (Wednesday) at 1pm Eastern Time Zone I will be on the Office Hours Zoom call for an hour to help anyone who joins. If you have time today to join that call then I can try to clear up this issue ASAP!

Link to Office Hours at top of this page on our website.

It’s highly likely that you are still using Land Kit 1.3. You can check using the “PackageManager” command.