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Introducing Land Kit


Land Kit is a Grasshopper plugin for landscape design and related fields. It helps solve some of the trickier problems presented when designing landscapes in 3D by using computational tools. The components, templates, and workflows are intended to make these approaches more attainable and accessible. Data rich instances stand in for collections of geometry and attributes, allowing for high-level manipulation and iteration. It is designed for Landscape, but there are many applications for architects, ecologists, pattern makers, and more.

Topo Kit

Design directly in 3D with the features that drive topography: walls, curbs, stairs, paths, spots, breaklines, and maybe a contour or two. Topo Kit lets you manipulate these features simply, while you watch your topographic model update in real time. Analyze slope, elevation, or cut contours in real time during the design process.

Plant Kit

Plant Kit allows you to design with analysis, data, and placement rules that you can set and forget while you think about other levels of design. Instead of drawing circles, work more nimbly with 3D analysis components, plant mixes based on plant data (from a simple spreadsheet), and the intuitive computational environment of Grasshopper.

Paving Kit

Use Paving Kit to Define simple paving zones with shapes,Add standard or custom patterns with paver dimensions And Let Paving Kit do the drafting of repeat patterns, seams, and coloration. Even project pavers to a 3D mesh or add texture mapping for rendering. Design paving textures swatches more rapidly for larger sites.

Ask any LandKit related questions here and help us continue to improve these tools. Use tags like #landkit #plantkit #topokit or #pavingkit Be sure to check out our online learning resource CAMPUS as well.

Watch for updates and new features at www.landkit.design

Land Kit is created by LANDAU Design+Technology
Copyright 2020

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Hi Benjamin,


Is your food4Rhino page updated?: Land Kit | Food4Rhino
I can only see there an installer for Grasshopper in Rhino 6.

Also, let me know if you want to have your own category on the Rhino forum.


Carlos Pérez
McNeel Europe

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Hi Carlos,

Thank you so much! I see what you are saying with the installer. That version will work for both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. I will have our team update the text so that its clear that installer will work with both.

We would love a category if its possible to get one started early. I am not sure what you need from us to create a category, but just let me know and we will send you any info you need.

Benjamin Summay

Hey! Carlos,

Do you think we could get a category on the forum for Land Kit?


Hi Chris - When there is enough traffic to justify that, we will create a separate category for plug-ins.

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Hi, new user so this may be an elementary question.
When plugging my simple retaining wall into the grade topo mod. my Rhino (6) immediately freezes up, It seems to do everything else (so far) except allow to plug in features… I did start over with a fresh script etc. and it looks like i have correctly input the ret. wall parameters. not sure if anyone else has a had a problem with using Rhino 6? and land kit? or am i missing something basic?

Hi leaslori leas,

I think what will help is if you try plugging your walls into the Features input of the Create Topo component. This is typically where you would input any walls, stairs, curbs, etc. to have them incorporate into the topography. If this does not work then please do not hesitate to post a copy of your grasshopper script here and I can give it a review! Hope this helps!

Hey Benjamin,

I was having a similar issue to Leaslori and discovered it was a metric vs imperial issue; causing my definitions to attempt calculating way too dense a grid for patterns etc.

I have run into an issue with the EXPORT PLANT BLOCK INFO component, receiving the error message:

1. Solution exception:PlantingArea instance has no attribute ‘len

No idea what len is, hoping you can help me out :slight_smile:


Hi Fellow Ben,

That certainly makes sense! Land Kit does use whichever units your Rhino is set to. It will change its default values but if you have sliders plugged in or download a template which has sliders for a Rhino file in feet then you need to make sure to change the parameters of those sliders to reflect the new units.

In regards to your issue, can you post a grasshopper file here so I can give it a look? That error message could be one of a few issues, but sometimes jumping into the file is more helpful. Also, I do have Office Hours today from 2pm-3pm EST so if you want to sign on then to review the issue then I would be happy to help!

Link to that can be found on this page: LANDAU | Linktree


Hey Ben,

The issues seems to have resolved itself.
Thanks for four quick reply, sorry for my slow one.