Paver pattern using Landkit paver plugin example

As i’m exploring paving pattern using grasshopper, i come across the Landkit paver plugin.with my ongoing approach i have combined both Landkit paver tool and the script to select the random paving pattern. once i started to use the landkit component alone it doesn’t work(stuck with the attractor curve selection, no matter what i try it doesn’t work based on the attractor curve)
if possible someone can provide me an example grasshopper file for the paving using the landkit plugin would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Sree92jun,

I actually work for the firm that developed Land Kit and have been a part of early testing and troubleshooting so it is exciting to see you trying it out! Alongside our testing of the different kits, we produced a website devoted to trying to help new users get going with the kits.

Its called CAMPUS and has tutorials, templates (simple and more complicated), and a bunch of descriptions and resources to help you understand the tools. We will be continuing to update this website as more versions and tools come out!

Also, I have attached template files here for your usage to get you started. Feel free to respond here or in a new forum page with any specific questions and I will respond as soon as possible. Also, if the issue you are showing here is something I can help with then please reply with the file you are working on attached to the post so I can look at it. (28.5 KB)
Paving_Kit_Example.3dm (1.5 MB)

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Hello Benjamin Summay,
thank you for your timely feedback, I have to say plugin is really handy and super easy to work with
your help is much appreciated.

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Here is a slightly easier workflow to use:

I’ve been trying to use the new BETA paving components, running with holes in the paving areas.
Its defining the paving area mesh with the hole, but is still drawing pavers inside the hole?
Anyone know how i could trouble shoot this?
Land Kit

Can you post an example of what is happening? Are you using the trim command. If you aren’t using trim, you may still be seeing pavers outside the boundaries (and inside the holes).

Yeh, its trimming to my external boundary but not my internal one,
Not sure why?
Screenshot 2024-05-14 173032

Aha! You are possibly using the old workflow. You need to replace the create paving area component on the far left with a create area component.