A tiny help please URGENT!

My pufferfish plug in seems to have an error!

can someopne link my surface to this script, bake the result into rhino and send me the file please?
FACADE.3dm (14.5 MB)
wind digester.gh (17.0 KB)

Hi @neetik,

It isn’t clear to me how you want the surface linked to the script. Can you give instructions?


so this is how the result should look

FACADE.3dm (14.5 MB)
this is my rhino file with the surface

my grasshopper is not working
so could you replace the circled with a surface and then link it to my surface.

bake the result and send me the rhino file?

Sure. Looks like I’ll have to go fire up the desktop - my old laptop is a little overwhelmed…

yes thank you soo muchh

could you work it out? :upside_down_face:

I’ve got a file with baked data but it is too large to upload to the forum. I’ll put it on OneDrive and PM you a link.

I’m not sure it is what you are looking for though…