Help with irregular stairs modelling

Hi so I have a set of stair with a top view shown in screenshot. and what im trying to do is to divide the shape shown in top view into a series of steps and extrude these steps to get a set of stairs. The shapes of steps will first bend to follow one side of the stairs and gradually transitioned to follow the other side of the stair. Please check the attached sketch if my description is unclear… Thanks a lot!

curved stairs.3dm (81.6 KB)

Hello - something like this?


Exactly! Can you explain how you did it?

Hello - I would start with this and see how it works.

  1. Rebuild the edge curves of the overall shape:

  2. EdgeSrf on these curves.

  3. ExtractIsocurve at your markers.

  4. CurveBoolean to make all the closed regions.

  5. You can then ExtrudeCrv, Solid=Yes, these to the correct height, or make PlanarSrf and move them to the correct height, etc etc.


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Thank you for your help!