Help with fillets

Hello, and thank you in advance for your help!
I am working on a model that is not looking as elegant as I want it to.
I have attached the model as well as an image of what I am looking for. It is not as much a problem with the fillets as with how I am structuring the model I am sure!
I have tried several different things and would appreciate any feedback. Thank you! evergreen for rhino.3dm (3.8 MB)

Hello - I am not sure what the elegance threshold is, but I think I’d make the individual ‘leaves’ more simply - this is a loft to a point, in the ‘Loose’ style.

evergreen for rhino_Maybe.3dm (319.9 KB)

This would be a good candidate for SubD modeling in the V7 WIP.


Ohh thank you! @pascal you are the best.
I didn’t even know loft to a point was possible.
I will check out the subD modeling! sounds cool.
I appreciate your help, as always!