Help with figuring out how to do this recess?

i am trying to create a recess area into a guitar that im working on and i cant figure out how to do this. My lines dont line up right and there are naked edges everywhere. I am working on this because rhinoCam basicly laughs at me when I try to CAM it… Much appreciated for the help! Thanks recess issues.3dm (2.9 MB)

This had a bunch of issues which I’m thinking may have stemmed from the use of polylines rather than curves when making the initial trims. In any case, it’s all fixable as shown in the file here recess_issues_BrianJ.3dm (3.8 MB)

There were some edge tolerance issues too which could be seen when using RebuildEdges on extracted surfaces in the circled trouble spots. I made new network surfaces with varying tolerance settings and then joined after each one and checked the result for naked edges using ShowEdges. One particularly hairy spot was the lower right circled area, this required a totally new surface. Lastly, the Patch needed to be much denser… 50x50 worked well. All and all, it was a slightly advanced fix so I hope this helps some in understanding how to avoid similar problems in future models.

Thanks brian! I think its going to help. my boss was on the phone with mary about it earlier this morning and she gave us the links to the level 1 and level 2 lessons so i will be using that. But in the mean time im going to try what you said. Thanks!

The approach I would take. Extrude your curves as solids and use the Boolean commands to remove / add material as needed. Then use solid fillets to smooth the edges. Trying to do this with surface patches is unnecessarily difficult especially for beginners.

…and gives bad blend surfaces.