Surfacing problem

I cant figure out how to surface this, base of guitar neck.


I have tried to split it up more but it just gets worse.


you will need to work with the surrounding surfaces instead of those boundary curves and also think the main surfaces which later will be cuted to get those corners you have now.

Something like this which is not so good but can give you an idea


Hello - one way to set this up is with simple and matching ‘shape’ curves (Blue) and simple clean ‘edge’ curves - these may turn out to be surrounding surface edge as @DiegoKrause points out and two surfaces like so:


NeckSetup.3dm (53.5 KB)



Good video tutorial, should make it done easily.

That was a great video and thanks for all your help. I see what I was doing and have a better idea on how to approach it now.

Good luck Jas. Share the end result and how’s it.

Got it for the most part. Made tons of rookie mistakes. Like assuming the cad file I got was clean. And using it as a model when 90% of the ends weren’t connected. Still toying with it.


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Looking great, nice!

Oh ya its a Ukulele Baritone Neck.

I have noticed in Rhino that picking a end or corner sometimes it doesn’t actually pick the end when I zoom in. Anyone have any reasons why that happens?

I have 4.0 the only request in the future is if they could have a “dumb down” option plug-in to simplify the action descriptions for us simple folks…lol.